Shooting with the Sony F5

Sony-F5A while back I shot a short documentary with the new Sony F5 (not so new now but at the time it wasn’t even officially released). This was really just a test outing. The documentary was completely unplanned – just took the camera down to my favourite local market and got in amongst it.

Since shooting the doc, had quite a few questions on Vimeo, asking me what I thought of the camera. In a nutshell – I fooking loved it! Really is about the nicest image I’ve ever worked with (except Alexa and RED Epic but don’t often shoot on these!).


Here’s the tech specs for those who want to know:

Sony PMW F5 (S-Gammut, Slog2) – XAVC 1080p
Arri Alura 15.5-45mm 2.8, 30-80mm 2.8

The image is super flat and the dynamic range is amazing! Check out the screen shot below.

This is what it looks like straight out the camera! For this shot, there were people standing in bright daylight at the front, while the people in the mid-ground were in dark shadows. Look at the range and flatness!!! Gorgeous!

Here’s what it looked like after a did a little grade:

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 12.13.27

All I did was luma correct it and add a tint bit of warmth. That’s it!

As a C300 owner I’ve been asked if I prefer the F5. Short answer – yes! It’s a better camera, plain and simple. But the C300 is still a fantastic camera for certain jobs. It’s way more portable for a start (and not every job required 14 stops of DR and a super flat image!).

If you’re thinking about hiring an F5 for your next project, I highly recommend it. I hired one from these guys. Very reasonably priced hire and nice to deal with!

Here’s the finished doc:

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