Video Camera Training and Workshops – London & UK


I offer bespoke HD video camera training in London and all over the UK. I’m a professional freelance cameraman and director of photography based in London. You can view my reel here.

I’ve used just about every camera there is, so can train you on pretty much any camera –  s35mm HD film cameras, DSLR’s, run-and-gun camcorders and ENG broadcast & studio cameras. I run a variety of camera training workshops, all fully flexible and designed to your requirements.

These courses are designed for beginners to intermediates (although we can progress onto more advanced skills, dependent on what you’re looking for).

I  train staff groups within companies, including Channel 4, The BBC and Sky, and have taught many individuals on a one to one basis.

The types of clients I work with include:

– Individuals looking to get work as a freelance cameraman.

– Groups of employees, looking to gain skills to shoot videos for their companies.

– Self-shooting Producer/Directors and Video Journalists

– Keen amateurs, looking to take their video skills to the next level.


Rates are plus VAT:

One on One Video Camera Training (£450/day)

One on one is the best way to learn. I can give you my full attention and tailor the training to your exact needs. You might already have some camera knowledge, which means we can get straight to the stuff you want to know!

I only do individual training if you have somewhere suitable to do this. Not public spaces. I also arrange studio days in Greenwich where I train more than one person at a time.

Group Video Camera Training (£600/day, up to 5 people)

Training in a small group is fun and a great way to get tailored experience, while being very cost effective. You may want to train a group of staff to be competent using a camera, or you might be a group of friends who want to club together to gain some film-making skills.

A guide of what training will cover:

Camera Basics


– How to set up a camera and what you need to checklist before hitting record.

– Exposure. Aperture and how to control depth of field (out of focus backgrounds). Gain and ISO settings.

– Frame rate and shutter speed. What they are and what they mean.

– Getting the most from custom profiles.

– White balance. How to deal with mixed lighting sources.

– How to frame a shot.

– Shooting for editing. Coverage, crossing the line etc.

– Shooting with available light. How do you get the most out of each situation.

– Tripod basics.

Lens Basics


– What sort of lenses are right for you.

– What’s the difference between a photo and video lens (helpful for DSLR shooters.

– Effective focusing techniques and why auto-focus is a bad thing!

– Different types of lenses and how they effect the image.

– Focal length vs field of view. How sensor size effects image crop and what it all means to you.

Sound Basics


– How to get the best sound from your camera settings.

– Different types of mic and when you might use them.

– Setting levels and monitoring sound.



Lighting Basics *(I have lighting available, but charge a bit extra depending on what you need)


– The variables. Hard vs Soft, Direction, Colour, Intensity, Texture.

– How and why to avoid flat lighting.

– 3 point lighting for interviews and how to get away with just one light!

– How to light outside when you have no control.

– What lights should you hire (there’s just so many!)

Other Subjects I Can Cover


– Best practices for filming interviews.

– How to shoot handheld.

– Shooting with grip equipment – tracks, sliders, cranes etc.

– Editing *(This is a biggie! So I can also arrange to do separate editing training)

As mentioned previously, this is all very flexible. It’s about you or your staff learning exactly what they need to. I’m very happy to discuss individual requirements and advise on the best training method. I like to get out and do some actual shooting on the training day. This can really help to put new learned techniques into action!


In short – anything you want! I would encourage you to use your own gear if you have it. This is what you’ll be shooting on after all! I will be training you to use ANY camera – I believe in transferable skills. Every camera works in pretty much the same way, so don’t get too bogged down on what camera is hot right now. Camera tech evolves at lightning speed these days!

I own a Sony Fs7, which I’m happy to bring along. You can see my full kit here.

Or, we can hire any camera you want! I won’t list them all as there’s a lot, but I’d be happy to discuss all this with you beforehand.

After training is complete, I’m always happy to stay in touch and answer any questions you may have.


“Head full of camera info and all good”

“Don worked with our Academy trainees in May 2015. He tailored the sessions to our particular needs and was engaging and focused throughout. The trainees gained an enormous amount of practical experience in the short time they had with Don, and he took the time to follow up the training with further advice for their task in hand. We were really impressed and won’t hesitate to use him again in the future” – Casual Films

“Many thanks for a great training day”

“The training was very thorough, comprehensive and worthwhile”

“Thanks again for the fantastic training and super follow up email”

“Don’s One-to-One Camera Training is excellent. Whether you’re after a refresher course, getting to grips with a new camera or a complete beginner. It was just the right mix of theory and practical”

“Really enjoyed the training – perfect for a technophobe like me who has worked around cameras for quite a long time without actually plucking up the courage to try and use one… Looking forward to putting everything into practice”

“It was great to learn so much in one day and you made it really fun and interesting so thank you!”


Hopefully I’ve covered most of what the training would involve, but if you have any questions at all – or to book some training, don’t hesitate to get in touch! And please take a look around my site. You’ll see I do a wide variety of work with all types of clients.